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Prof. Carl Wood for introducing the author to the IVF program at the Queen Victoria Medical Center (Monash University) in 1977, when he started his research in early human development with Drs. Alan Trounson and Alex Lopata. He has worked with Prof.Trounson for the past 24 years.He is also indebted to the Lincoln Institute of Health Sciences, La Trobe University and the Royal Childrens Hospital, Melbourne for the facilities for his research with Monash University from the very onset. He thanks all his co-authors, collaborators, clinicians and technicians in Melbourne and overseas who have helped him in his research and publications over the years, especially Prof. A. Trounson (Melbourne), Late Emeritus Prof. S.S. Ratnam, Profs. S.C. Ng and A. Bongso (Singapore), Dr J. J. Tarin (Spain), Dr L Gianaroli (Bologna), Late Prof. P. M. Motta (Rome), Prof. S. Suzuki (Keio), Drs. S. Gunasheela, K.Rao and J. Menezes (Bangalore), Dr. K. Selvaraj, Dr. S. Begum (Madras), Dr. V. Metgud (Belgaum), Drs. S. Ganatra and R. Pai (Bombay) and Prof. W. D. Ratnasooriya (Colombo). Editorial assistance from Drs.Y.Munesighe and M.Weerasiri (Melbourne),technical assistance from Ms.Jean Ho (Singapore), Ms. V.Dharmawardena , A. de Silva (Colombo), K. Nanayakkara, K. Harris and Ms.Chris & Robyn Mayberry (Monash) is duely acknowledged. Special thanks are also due to Prof R.G. Edwards (Cambridge), Prof. G. Burnstock (Melbourne & London), Prof. G. Schatten (USA) and Prof. D. de Kretser (Melbourne) who have been a constant source of encouragement and inspiration.

Dr Sathananthan is indebted to the late Prof. Wilfred Fernando (Ceylon) who taught him the basics of embryology; late Prof. Hilary Crusz (Ceylon) who taught him how to do research; his biology teacher at school the late Mr. V. Ariartnam; his Ph. D. supervisors in England Prof. A. Graham and late Prof. V. Fretter (Reading); late Prof. J. R. Baker (Oxford) who taught him electron microscopy and Prof. P. D. Nieuwkoop (Utrecht) who gave him facilities for training in experimental embryology. His mentors and counsellors were the late Rev. Fr. Peter A. Pillai O.M.I., Rector, St Joseph's College, Colombo, and recently the late Emeritus Prof.C.J.Eliezer (La Trobe, Melbourne).

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